Thursday, February 27, 2014

Remember back in the days when frozen yogurt was a big deal and we all used to think in blog format so much in fact we had formed a mutual friendship with one another through this website.

I'm kind of missing those days. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I get really bad nosebleeds?

If I wrote an autobiography it would probably be called something like "The Tales of a Super Awkward Girl." Awkward moments seem to define my life in the same way plastic surgery defines Kim K's.

So here it goes again.

I had finally gathered some of my limited supply amounts of courage and I sat down next to a cute boy in my Political Science class. (Isn't this how all embarrassing stories begin?) Things were going great, we were discussing every cliche small chat topic there is; the weather, our majors, the upcoming midterm, goats who climb up trees, our mutual belief in mermaids, etc. Oh, and the fact that he loves science, but doesn't want to be a doctor because he's afraid of blood. ** <Important.

Then class started. Now, sadly, lecture beginning isn't the worst part of my tale. We had scooted to the very middle of the auditorium rows. (This is important for the future of this story.) And he and I were still talking here and there a little throughout the lecture.

Then, half way through the lecture, I turn to talk to the cute boy and suddenly blood starts to gush out my nose. It is flowing like mad and I wish I had a tampon so I could pull a "She's the Man" on this nose bleed. But unfortunately I didn't even have a tissue. His eyes wide with pure terror. I slammed my hand to my face, stood up and started trying to squeeze my way out of the classroom. I was nearly to the end of the row when I tripped right in front of my professor. All eyes were on me in the center of the class, it was just like a circus. It was the kind of nightmare that keeps people like Matthe McConaughey up at night.

I fled from that class room faster than Harry Potter could say "quidditch." (Side note: I am counting that as my exercise for the day.)

I don't know if I want to relive the rest of this adventure by writing it, but let's just say that reentering the classroom to get my belongings was...awkward. 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

is this against the honor code?

I know that the main point of college is to get a degree to get a job. But I am a firm believer that college is an experience. And I intend to live this experience to the fullest, because I will never get to relive this time in my life. And the college years are the time in your life where the very best stories come from. So, to ensure that I get the best of the experience, I made a bucket list.

^^ Go on a mission
^^ Be involved in a protest
^^ Write an article for a campus publication
^^ Road trip with friends
^^ Get a (henna) tattoo
^^ Be an EFY Counselor (or something like that)
^^ Study/Intern abroad
^^ Do the polar plunge in Ut. Lake
^^ Learn a second language fluently
^^ Share a slam poetry poem
^^ Go up to USU and become a true aggie (even though I'm a cougar)
^^ Sleep overnight to get good seats at a game
^^ Perform in a karaoke night
^^ Play Sardines in the MARB
^^ Volunteer for a crisis call center
^^ Learn to play an instrument
^^ Travel to a different country for fun
^^ Go sky diving
^^ Dye my hair a crazy color (preferably pink)
^^ Be an active member of a club

If you have any ideas, I am completely opened to bucket list suggestions.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

better than a hogwarts letter.

My mission call is here! Right at my house. I have waited my entire life for this moment. I am so excited I could throw up. But at the same time, I feel completely calm. (Don't ask me how those feelings can fit into one person at the same time, I'm not a scientist so I can't answer that for you.) I am just filled with peace and faith. A beautiful combination of emotions.

People keep asking me if I'm nervous and I'm not. 
People keep asking me where I think I'll go and I have no idea.
People keep asking me where I want to go and I don't care.

I am not nervous because I don't care where I go. China, Provo or Mars. English, Arabic or French. I am just excited to get called to be a missionary for this church that I love with my whole heart.

I'll go where you want me to go, dear Lord,
I'll say what you want me to say,
I'll be who you want me to be. 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

a picture worth 1000 words.

I was scrolling through files on my computer and I realized that in the odd combination of my internet being down and me being bored it resulted in some webcam pictures. (I never had a webcam in junior high when that was the cool thing to do, so I'm making up for it now in college.) I was looking through some of these pictures and I think they are kind of a timeline of my first semester.

This picture is of younger Cassie. There are so many things I wish I could warn her about and alas, I can not. See how there is still a light in her eyes that finals, professors and weird RMs haven't destroyed yet. 

Happy Monday Morning. 

Cheetah footie pajamas were voted the best purchase I made in 2013. They are great for studying and getting beauty sleep. Also, any time you feel cheetahlicious, you have the perfect outfit.

I spent my Friday night at the library. I knew I was at BYU because even at 11:00 on a Friday night the library was pretty full.

Just eating my feelings after my last finals test. I'd rather not talk about it.

This semester has been amazing. I have made lifelong friendships and learned through both textbook and experience. I love college and I love BYU. I feel so blessed to be here. But I'm reeeaaaallly glad it's break. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

sister, sister.

Guess what? My sister just got a baptism. So, like, that's really exciting. I think so anyways.

It's almost Kaylee's "hump day" which means she's almost half way done. This is crazy. I've seriously missed her every day. She's my best friend ever and I haven't found anyone to make me laugh as hard as she does, or give the most amazing advice like she does. She just gets me. I guess you could say she's my person. Seriously though, some future boy will have a tough time competing with her...not in a weird way. Okay, so a little bit weird way. Whatever.

Even though I miss this pretty girl lots and lots, I wouldn't want her to be any other place. She is where she is supposed to be and so am I. I'll get to see her in another two years (when I get back from my mission) and I can wait until then. Plus, we've got eternity together, right? Right.

Anyways. Happy finals week. 

Saturday, November 30, 2013

just believe.

+I believe traveling is good for the soul.
+I believe in smiling.
+I believe there is no wrong time to eat ice cream.
+I believe in reading books into the latest hours of the night.
+I believe in miracles.
+I believe in mermaids.
+I believe in red lipstick & high heels.
+I believe eating yummy food is one of the best
parts of the human experience and we shouldn't deprive
ourselves of that by counting calories and missing out on happiness.
+I believe in laughing for no reason until your stomach aches.
+I believe in being a mormon.
+I believe in being kind, always.
+I believe in singing in the shower.
+I believe in the color pink.
+I believe in sundresses.
+I believe in myself.